The company offers warehouse services on reloading, storage, processing and preparation of cargoes. The terminal develops special tariffs for constant clients. Sheltered warehouse premises of the “Frigo Baltic” are equipped with the stage constructions intended for the storage of the cargo on euro – pallets. The warehouses are equipped with the heating, electricity, cold and hot water supply, loading – unloading mechanisms, fire – prevention and security alarms. 24 – hour security ensured. For the fast loading – unloading works and inspection of the dry cargo the terminal has installed a separate platform. Comfortable branch lines ensure proper maneuverability for the super – size vehicles.

Capacity of the warehouse services allows to service up to 50 trucks and 70 containers per day. Now the terminal is equipped with the garage of the trucks, mechanisms and equipment, which allow performing the processing of virtually any kinds of cargo, including the veterinary, oversized and heavy transportation vehicles.

This complex includes:
- 3 Reach stackers for the loaded containers produced by the company “Kalmar” and “Linde” with the carrying capacity of 40-45 tons, "Svetruck" with the carrying capacity of 8 tons;

- 9 Forklift trucks of the companies “CLARK”, “NISSAN”, “LINDE”, “TCM”, “BT CARGO” with the carrying capacity from 1,5 to 7 tons, equipped with the various devices to process bales, rolls, packages, barrels etc.;

- 5 Electrical loaders and stackers “CROWN”, “TCM”, “OMG” to operate in the stocks. All cargo stored at the warehouse are covered with the insurance policy.

Our technique:

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